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A Writerly Rejection Panel | Episode 8

Episode available November 27.

Brent's other life as a writer has brought immeasurable joy into his existence...and immeasurable rejection, which is the inspiration behind RC. In this episode, three writers gather to discuss writing and rejection and what an artistic life can hold, and what can be learned by facing "No!" so many times.

Sonal Champsee's novel-in-progress, Everyone Can’t Be Wrong, was shortlisted for the 2022 UBC/HarperCollins Canada Best New Fiction prize. Sonal runs the Dear Abby-style writing advice column Writer Therapy on Substack, and lives in Toronto.

Steven Mayoff is a novelist, poet and lyricist, born and raised in Montreal but who has made his home on PEI for more than 20 years. Steven answered our call looking for rejection stories by saying he’d received a pretty cool one, which we’ll discover in a bit. Welcome to Rejected Central, Steven!

Alison Gadsby is the host of Junction Reads, a reading series in Toronto. Her short fiction appears in Blue Lake Review, The Ex-Puritan, Coastal Shelf, etc., and does NOT appear in many more.

As a follow-up, here's a pic of Steven's bpNichol rejection letter:

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