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REJECTED CENTRAL is a podcast that investigates the history, humor, and pain of rejection, without getting dragged through the depressing silliness you can find in a million other places. We don’t care (much) about breakup stories, denied crushes, or the little denials that make up our quotidian existence. We do care about the bigger rejections, the ones that cross boundaries and borders, stories so impactful they demand a response, a laugh, a tear. In short, REJECTED CENTRAL is about elevating the rejection experience.

Rejected Central podcast hosts Brent van Staalduinen and Dave Parkinson

Brent van Staalduinen is a writer, podcaster, educator, and former radio DJ who’s discovered that some rejection stories demand to be shared. In his writer life, he’s been rejected countless times, which is the inspiration behind REJECTED CENTRAL. His other lives can be found here: and on social media (@brentvans).


Dave “Parkie” Parkinson is a podcaster, college educator, and football (some call it soccer) supporter with peculiar skills, who has a few things to say about the unexpected side of things. His life is a cautionary tale and only through divine intervention has he managed to make it this far. Follow Dave on Instagram (@daveparkie1) and on Reddit (u/ParkieD).

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