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We’re just two brains, but you are multitudes and epochs of intelligence. We’d love to hear from you, so send your ideas to us through social media (@rejectedcentral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit) or emailed to (Send Email).

Rejected Central is a SFW (Safe For Work) podcast. 

We need:

  • Your rejection stories: we’re looking for hidden stories that have the potential to become legends. The rejection letter that’s so harsh it’s almost beautiful. The job interview that went spectacularly sideways and forced you to push the reject button. The business proposal and resulting rejection phone call/email that was so awkward you still itch when you think about it. That time you wanted to become a televangelist but turned out to have too many morals. That teacher who told you the thing that teachers are never supposed to say to students. The raging email you sent without realizing you’d clicked “reply all,” and the consequences you faced afterwards. The world-changing tech you invented no one wanted. That place you wanted to go to but that clearly did not want you involved. And so on. Surprise us.

  • Historical rejection stories (ideally, with some tidbits we can follow-up on and/or research).

  • Unexpectedly (or expectedly) rejected things that don't often get talked about, like how cities are rejecting old/bad urban design, how foodies are rejecting trendy superfoods, how public figures are rejecting the spotlight, or... surprise us!

  • Ideas for the show centered on Rejection.

  • Anything you think of that might be relevant to our mission but we haven’t talked about because of our limited number of brains. Seriously! Reach out with your idea, even if you’re not 100% sure about it. We’re good at being honest, and we’ll tell you if it works or not.

  • For you not to be worried about blowback or people taking offense. We can change names or leave them out. We’re not journalists or judges. We’re storytellers.


What we’re NOT looking for…

  • Breakup stories (unless you’re famous and the story is awesome). 

  • Denied crushes (unless you’re famous and the story is awesome).

  • Political agendas and soapboxing.

  • Incels or other creepy idiots who feel the world owes them love.

  • Puerile, NSFW silliness. 

  • Conspiracy theories (unless it’s the reason for the rejection and the story makes us giggle and/or go “whoa”). 

  • Racist diatribes. (Or anything, really, that denies people their basics and ends with “-ist” because we don’t like horrible people and this isn’t that kind of place. If you think anyone is less than you for any reason, go back to your slimy, dark corners of the interwebs.)

  • Defences of the hundred-page manifestos no one seems to want (unless you’re famous and the story is awesome, and/or it’s the reason for the rejection and the story makes us giggle and/or go “whoa”). 

  • Anything that might get us thrown in prison.

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